Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finding the right pet for you

How do you know?  Well, there are no shortage of people to give you their opinion, but the best person to ask is yourself.  

What do you envision doing with your pet?  Do you want a dog to hang out with once in a while, or a constant companion?  Do you see yourself taking your pet on road trips, or the beach, or are you on the fence about how much time you can spend with your pet?  All of these questions will lead you to the right pet -- dog or cat, fish, reptile; as well as the breed.

Ask yourself what you want to do, and then pick the right pet to suit your lifestyle.  That will ensure you and your pet both get exactly what they need!  

Pet Selector (dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile)

Dog Breed Selector (just dogs!)

Do your research and you won't be disappointed!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is your dog tense or anxious?

From time to time, our customers request a specific gender of sitter due to their pets reaction toward one gender or another.  In some cases, pets are afraid of a specific gender, or that of someone in a hoodie, or a skateboard, or something else that sets them off.  Unfortunately, this is usually due to some sort of trauma they endured at a younger age, and they are acting out in their programmed manner because of it.   

What I have found in working with these cases is that it takes time to get a pet through these anxieties.  But before you can help them through these issues, they must first become comfortable with you.  Pets that have been traumatized usually take longer to warm to people, so give it time.  Don't let their anxiety become yours because that will just increase the tension level for everyone.  If they are barking, let them bark and don't make any sudden moves, loud noises or anything else until they are comfortable with you.  It takes time, don't rush it.  If you don't have time, don't start the training until you do.  

We have had a great deal of success with these more difficult cases, and would welcome the opportunity to help you and your pets if you need assistance.  Just call us and we'll be happy to help!

Jesse Martinez
Owner, Fetch! Pet Care of San Francisco

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1:1 Care for Pets - Why it's the same as 1:1 day care for your child

Many of our customers confuse us with other pet sitters and dog walkers.  Some of the most common questions for us or any business is, "What makes you different?"  Knowing your key differentiators and how they relate to your customers is the keystone to any successful business, and that's what I'll explain here.   

For us, it's our approach to pet care.  We believe 1:1 attention for pets is the best approach to take.  Most parents would prefer to have their child in a 1:1 care situation when they're at work, so why wouldn't they use the same approach for their beloved pets?  Granted, there are the cirumstances where pet socialization is needed, and in those cases, having multiple pets around is definitely the way to go.  But for the most part, socialization during a dog walk is secondary to the human interaction pets crave while their parents are away and that's what we provide.  

When you want to give your pet that extra love that goes along with a premium service, call us.  We're available 24x7 and we have a team of sitters located all over the City available to help.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Jesse Martinez
Owner, Fetch! Pet Care of San Francisco
60 29th St., #522 San Francisco, Ca. 94110

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keeping our dog from being "that" dog.

One of the most common questions I receive from customers and friends is, "how do you stop your dog from..." and then fill in the blank.  This is really common and something that most dog owners have to deal with.  It might be jumping up to greet visitors, humping at the dog park, barking at the mail carrier, chasing after bikes or skateboarders or even going crazy when the doorbell rings.  You name it, there's usually a challenge every dog owner faces at some point.

There are several reasons why we want to correct poor behavior.  Aside from the obvious desire to not have the only dog on the block who doesn't mind their owner, there's the liability associated with behavior that might actually cause harm to another animal or human.  But how do you correct it?

Basically its pretty simple.  Reward good behavior ONLY, and admonish poor behavior.  There are techniques associated with getting the practices down and remaining consistent, but for the most part that's the approach you need to take.  Just like we needed to practice our times-tables when we were young, we need to practice consistency when working with our pets so they know what we're asking, what is expected of them, and what will happen (or not happen) when they don't follow instruction.

We can help you train your pet... not to do circus tricks, but how to not run out in the street; how to not pull while on a walk; how to stay on command and come to you when off-leash.  If you need help with these or other training issues you're encountering, call us.  We'd love to help you.

Jesse (Owner) Fetch! Pet Care of San Francisco

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dog Parks in San Francisco - I know there's a ton, but where are they specifically?

From time to time, we meet folks who weren't familiar with some of the best dog parks around the City. Or don't venture too far away from their local parks because they're not sure what the status is of these other parks.  For instance, we've come across a number of people who didn't know how to get to McLaren Park, didn't know you could let your dog swim or run off-leash there.  And in some cases, have never even heard of McLaren Park.  

That's just one example, but there's also St. Mary's Park, Corona Heights Park, the Douglass Playground, etc... the list of hidden gems is amazing.

I thought it would be a great idea if someone (myself) would make the effort of listing all of the parks, and include their pros and cons, so people would know a little about the parks before venturing off to find them.

Well, as I was doing my address research, I came to find that most of the work was already done.  SF Dog Parks is a site that identifies not only the larger parks everyone knows about, but provides the information in map or list form!  If you prefer a list, you can see the parks in list form by going to the All Parks Section

I will say that there are many new parks in the City that have not been listed yet, but its a very good start, so enjoy!

Owner, Fetch! Pet Care of San Francisco

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dog Fest is coming!

Although I typically try to use this blog as a means to convey pet related information, in some cases, as in today, I try to promote worthwhile events.

McKinley Elementary's 6th Annual Dog Fest is taking place on Saturday, April 13th at Duboce Park.  DogFest is a celebration of dogs and kids benefitting SFUSD Mckinley Elementary School, a K-5 public school in the heart of San Francisco, located at Castro & 14th Streets.

This is an event that has grown significantly since its humble beginnings, and is now one of the premier dog-related events in San Francisco!  We hope you and your family will join Fetch! Pet Care of San Francisco in supporting this wonderful event.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Memorial Day Pet Care

  Spring is finally here, which means the Memorial Day Holiday is just around the corner.  Many of you are already making your Memorial Day plans, but for those who haven't figured out who is going to care for your pet, here's what you need to know about your Pet Care provider:

  • 24/7 availability - Can you get in touch with them within a reasonable length of time?
  • Gold-Level Service - Are they rated highly on Yelp, Google + or other review sites?
  • Liability Coverage - SF Board of Supervisors eye a $1mm liability requirement.  Does your sitter meet that requirement/?
  • Do you have someone to turn to if something does go wrong?
  • Are they giving your pet enough attention?
  • Are they willing to stay in your home so your pet remains in their comfortable environment?
Each of these items have been addressed by our processes and team-oriented approach.  When you need help, call Fetch! Pet Care of San Francisco.  We have over 35 sitters on staff, and each is trained to ensure your pet receives the best care and attention available in San Francisco.

We're always available, so just reach out to us and we'll help in any way we can.

Take care everyone!